At Maverick, we consider ourselves “blue-collar” bankers and are dedicated to being a strong financial partner for those we serve in our communities. Our team is here to serve you and your financial journey with resilience and strength.

jonathan hill headshot

Jonathan Hill

EVP, Lubbock Market President

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chris thompson headshot

Chris Thompson

EVP, Commercial Banking

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chad alexander headshot

Chad Alexander

EVP, Chief Credit Officer

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dustin tisdale headshot

Dustin Tisdale

SVP, Ag Banking

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jason swann headshot

Jason Swann

SVP, Director of Ag Banking

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david shipman headshot

David Shipman

SVP, Commercial Banking

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shawn ragland headshot

Shawn Ragland

SVP, Snyder Market President

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bud holmes headshot

Bud Holmes

EVP, Commercial Banking

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jeff knowles headshot

Jeff Knowles

SVP, Director of Consumer Lending NMLS# 1060096

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jordan flores headshot

Jordan Flores

VP, Deposit Relationships

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scott wade headshot

Scott Wade


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brent leslie headshot

Brent Leslie

Chief Executive Officer

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jeremy ferrell headshot

Jeremy Ferrell

President, Chief Operations Officer

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ashley ritchey headshot

Ashley Ritchey

Chief Financial Officer

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