Welcome to Maverick Bank, a testament to the enduring spirit of Texas built on the legacies of Fort Davis State Bank and the pioneering Samuel Maverick. Our story is rooted in the history of Fort Davis, Texas. Over a century ago, this pivotal military post safeguarded the westward expansion of the United States, securing the Texas frontier. Much like the fort, Fort Davis State Bank became a pillar of strength and dependability in the region. Since our founding in 1911, Fort Davis State Bank has proudly served the communities of West Texas for more than a hundred years.

As we envisioned our future, we sought inspiration in the unconventional spirit of a true Texan, Samuel Maverick. Landing in San Antonio in 1835, Maverick swiftly rose to prominence during the Texas Revolution. He was instrumental in the Siege of Bexar and penned his commitment to freedom in the Texas Declaration of Independence. Maverick’s refusal to brand his cattle gave birth to the term ‘maverick,’ symbolizing the bold, independent, and often unorthodox spirit that’s a quintessential part of the Texan identity. Throughout his life, Maverick served his community as the mayor of San Antonio, a legislator, and a land commissioner, embodying the ethos we aim to represent at Maverick Bank.

Rebranding as Maverick Bank, we unite the enduring legacy of Fort Davis State Bank and Samuel Maverick’s indomitable spirit. Becoming a part of the Maverick Bank community means aligning with authenticity, hard work, innovation, and a connection to our rich Texas heritage. We remain deeply rooted in our history as Fort Davis State Bank, yet dynamically inspired by the relentless spirit of Samuel Maverick as we look toward the future.

Welcome to Maverick Bank, where the spirit of Texas shapes the future of banking.



Becoming a Maverick Bank customer means joining a bank that values your independence and supports your bold aspirations. We provide a trusted partnership committed to your financial success. We blend the strength and resilience of our historical roots with a forward-thinking approach, ensuring your banking experience is reliable, efficient, and straightforward. We consider ourselves “blue-collar” bankers and are dedicated to being a strong financial partner for those we serve.



Maverick Bank is a true locally owned, independent bank. We have the ability to deliver quick decisions without being beholden to decision makers outside the market area who lack understanding of local markets and the unique challenges that our customers face. Other banks may market themselves as locally owned and community-oriented, but lack the independence at the local level to provide customer-centric solutions and services.


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