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We deeply value the communities we serve and are committed to providing personalized financial solutions that cater to your personal needs. Our range of deposit accounts and lending services are designed with you in mind, ensuring convenience and flexibility whether you prefer to bank in person or online.

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Maverick Bank stands at the forefront of innovative banking solutions tailored specifically for businesses. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that modern companies face, Maverick Bank offers a suite of customized financial products and services.

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Understanding the demands and cycles of the agricultural sector, Maverick Bank offers specialized financial services that cater specifically to the needs of these vital industries. With a deep understanding of local market trends and challenges, we provide valuable insights to help agribusinesses flourish.

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Maverick Bank has served as a symbol of strength and dependability in West Texas for over a century. Inspired by the unconventional spirit of Samuel Maverick, Maverick Bank embodies the essence of the term ‘maverick’—bold, independent, and innovative. Like Maverick’s refusal to brand his cattle, we challenge conventions in banking, forging our own path with a commitment to hard work and authenticity. Welcome to Maverick Bank – where the spirit of Texas shapes the future of banking.


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At Maverick, we consider ourselves “blue-collar” bankers and are dedicated to being a strong financial partner for those we serve in our communities. Our team is here to serve you and your financial journey with resilience and strength.


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Meet Our Team

jonathan hill headshot

Jonathan Hill

EVP, Lubbock Market President

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chris thompson headshot

Chris Thompson

EVP, Commercial Banking

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chad alexander headshot

Chad Alexander

EVP, Chief Credit Officer

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dustin tisdale headshot

Dustin Tisdale

SVP, Ag Banking

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jason swann headshot

Jason Swann

SVP, Director of Ag Banking

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david shipman headshot

David Shipman

SVP, Commercial Banking

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shawn ragland headshot

Shawn Ragland

SVP, Snyder Market President

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bud holmes headshot

Bud Holmes

EVP, Commercial Banking

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jeff knowles headshot

Jeff Knowles

SVP, Director of Consumer Lending NMLS# 1060096

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jordan flores headshot

Jordan Flores

VP, Deposit Relationships

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Fort Davis

100 S State Street
Fort Davis, TX 79734

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1102 E Holland Avenue
Alpine, TX 79831

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206 E O’Reilly Street
Presidio, TX 79845

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4529 114th Street
Lubbock, TX 79424

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110 NW Avenue B
Seminole, TX 79360